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Constitutional Convention Origins of interior design The art of interior design encompasses all of the fixed and movable ornamental objects that form an integral part of the inside of any human habitation. It is essential to remember that much of what today is classified as art and exhibited in galleries and museums was originally used to furnish interiors. Paintings were usually ordered by size and frequently by subject from a painter who often practiced other forms of art, including furniture design and decoration. Sculptors in stone or bronze were often goldsmiths who did a variety of ornamental metalwork. The more important artists had studios with assistants and apprentices and often signed cooperative work. Many architects also designed interiors, including the accessories—furniture, pottery, porcelain, silver, rugs, and tapestries. Paintings often took the form of cabinet pictures, framed to be hung on a wall in a particular position, such as over a door. Murals were painted on a diversity of subjects; during the period of the Baroque style in the 17th century, murals sometimes were painted to look like an extension of the interior itself, making it appear more spacious. Mirrors were employed for the same purpose of adding space to an interior.

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Care of Chimayo rugs How to Translate a Date Woven into an Oriental Rug When one encounters dates that are woven into the fields or end borders of Oriental rugs, it should be noted that these dates are generally unreliable. There are several reasons for this: In the past as is the case today, Oriental rugs were often woven by people who were uneducated and illiterate.

Someone may have drawn the date for the rug weaver to copy, and that person may have been only barely literate. It is common to see Arabic numerals reversed, woven upside down, or so distorted as to make the date unreadable when woven into an Oriental rug. Sometimes there is not even the intention of weaving a translatable date but the numerals are added into the weaving of the rug only as a design element – much like Kufic script.

Handmade. Authentic Persian rugs are handmade on looms placed in the home of the man or woman weaving it, as it takes almost a year to complete the carpet. Turn your rug over and examine the.

Woven[ edit ] The carpet is produced on a loom quite similar to woven fabric. The pile can be plush or Berber. Plush carpet is a cut pile and Berber carpet is a loop pile. There are new styles of carpet combining the two styles called cut and loop carpeting. Normally many colored yarns are used and this process is capable of producing intricate patterns from predetermined designs although some limitations apply to certain weaving methods with regard to accuracy of pattern within the carpet.

These carpets are usually the most expensive due to the relatively slow speed of the manufacturing process. These are very famous in Iran, India, Pakistan, and Arabia. A toranj medallion , a common design in Persian carpets These carpets are more technologically advanced. Needle felts are produced by intermingling and felting individual synthetic fibers using barbed and forked needles forming an extremely durable carpet.

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Oriental Rug About Persian Rugs Persian rugs are made in Iran by some of the most highly skilled artisans in the world. The best quality examples of these rugs can sell for large sums of money, and they are popular for their beauty but also for their quality and their unique design. When buying a Persian rug, there are certain factors to consider, and there are a number of elements to take into account in order to be certain that you are buying a genuine item that will last without losing its aesthetic appeal too quickly.

Wool is the most common material, and many a buyer will not buy Persian rugs made from any other material.

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Consequently, Persian carpets are usually considered as ones originating from these regions. Age is a determinant of value, and sellers use techniques to simulate it, so what may appear to be an antique may, on closer inspection, turn out to be far from it. If you suspect your carpet to be older than 50 years — which is the usual definition of an antique — examining a variety of characteristics can confirm this.

Knowing the style can help determine age, because some — such as Qum or white Kashan — have been made only since Do not date the carpet solely by the style; it’s common practice to reproduce these styles in modern factories. An antique rug is likely to have worn pile.

Dates in Oriental Rugs

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The Muslim carpet has long been a luxury commodity sought by textile museums, rich collectors and wealthy merchants all over the world. Beautiful mihrab Persian prayer rug from Azerbaijan, late 19th century. 3. Europe before the carpet A silk cope from a Mamluk sultan of Egypt was inscribed on it (“the learned Sultan”, dating from the.

References Note of the editor A first version of this article was published on www. The present version was slightly revised and edited, and new illustrations were added. Historical and cultural background Muslims regard the carpet with special esteem and admiration. For the traditional Bedouin tribes of Arabia, Persia and Anatolia, the carpet was at the centre of their life being used as a tent sheltering them from the sand storms, a floor covering providing great comfort for the household, wall curtains protecting privacy, and useful items such as blankets, bags, and saddles.

It was indeed a resourceful inspiration to make use of the abundant wool produced by their herds. For example in Chapter 88 Surah , the carpet is counted as one of the riches the believer will be rewarded in the afterlife. There is considerable material dealing with the history, nature and character of the Muslim carpet. Such material is published under three main themes: Historic sources have established that the carpet tradition is a very old custom practised by early civilisations.

Dates woven into Oriental rugs.

By Laura Winter Nothing gives a home that warm and fuzzy feel like, well, something warm and fuzzy under your feet. These words are used interchangeably, but there are real differences. Rugs are often sold as precious works of finely made art; carpets are, well, carpets, often sold in large home decor chains. Pile Yarn that forms the top of your carpet or rug This is the yarn that forms the top of your carpet or rug.

So which should you choose? High-traffic areas do best with short pile, which lasts longer and is easier to care for.

This rug consists of gorgeous oriental replicas with intricate motifs and designs dating back to the 18th century, comparable to a high end handmade rug with exceptional details. Made from high-density polypropylene with jute backing for strength and durability.

Area rugs come in a huge variance of prices, from bound remnants, machine made, Oriental rugs that are machine made, referred to as an Oriental Design rugs to antique Savonnerie or Aubusson, handmade, dating back to the 17th century. The later can certainly be considered and investment and may even appreciate in value if well cared for.

I realize budget is a huge consideration when purchasing an area rug but all too often I see rugs that are not the right size for the room or space, usually falling on the too small side. These two rooms include area rugs that are too small for the spaces. Please buy the right size for the use: A room sized area rug should have a border of flooring 12 to 18 inches all around.

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Dates in Oriental Rugs Dates are sometimes woven into the end borders or fields of Oriental carpets, usually using Arabic calligraphy find out about signatures and inscriptions in Oriental rugs. Usually a date in a rug can be taken at face value, but not always. In the past, rugs were often woven by individuals who were functionally illiterate. Someone else would have drawn the date for the weaver to copy, and the person writing the date may have been only semi-literate.

In such cases it is common to see Arabic numerals reversed, woven upside down, or so distorted as to make the date difficult to read.

Oriental With their fascinating patterns, these unique rugs have enchanted many people over the years, and it’s easy to understand why. The variations are endless and the craftsmanship behind them is superb, making these rugs a focal point for your home.

Consumers quickly learned that the Karastan name means quality, beauty, and durability. Carpet Story Not only did we play a big part in introducing American households to the very concept of walking in comfort, we provided the impetus for mass appeal by introducing yet another innovation in Initially limited to the production of plain velvet and twist styles, Kara-loc eventually produced an explosion of fashion innovations, including multi-colored designs, along with cut-and-loop effects at least 15 years ahead of the rest of the industry.

The innovative method made possible the production of high-styled, quality carpets at prices affordable to average consumers. Rug Story In , history was made as American retailer and textile manufacturer Marshall Field built a loom capable of recreating the detailed craftsmanship and luxurious look of a hand-woven rug. From the moment the first Karastan rug came off the loom 2: But instead of putting it on display so visitors could simply admire its beauty, Karastan did the unthinkable.

We invited the world to walk on it. And so the world did! More than 5 million people left their footprints, spills and ground-in food stains all over the rug. Then it was time for cleanup. We cleaned half the rug so people could see how well our rugs recover. The rug still exists in the same state today- one side almost unrecognizably filthy, while the other has been returned to its original beauty and luster. To prove that the demonstration was no fluke, we did it again.

Anatolian rug

Gallery of Turkmen Rugs Characteristics of Turkmen Weaving The two most obvious characteristics of Turkmen weavings in general, and of carpets in particular. Are their use of geometric ornamentation and their predominantly red to red-brown palette. Red had already achieved considerable symbolic significance in the Neolithic period – the habit of covering skeletons with red ochre was widespread before the 5th millennium B. Turkmen weavings with white or light ground colors are unusual and were probably used only during weddings and important religious festivals.

The principal motif found on Turkmen weavings is the gul, a geometric, usually octagonal, motif of an emblematic nature. The fields of carpets are usually decorated with rows of ‘major’ guls interspersed regularly with smaller “minor” guls of different shape.

Apr 05,  · I never even knew what an Oriental rug was before I started dating my future wife some 20 years ago. When I was growing up my family aspired to wall-to-wall rugs.

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Dealer in Asian Art in Paris. Specializing in art from the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. January 18, 6 items Noah’s Ark: Germany 3 item gallery While living in India Michael Beste became fascinated by the arts and traditions of the country and its peoples. On his return to Germany in the mid ‘s, he set up Noah’s Ark – a gallery which reflects his love and respect for the wealth and diversity of India’s culture through the ages.

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Mar 10,  · The History of the Oriental Rug. The art of carpet weaving existed in Iran in ancient times, according to evidences and in the opinion of scientists, the B.C. Pazyric carpet dating back to the Achaemenid period. The first documented evidence on the existence of Persian carpets came from Chinese texts dating back to the Sassanid period ( – CE).

Old Persian, Pahlavi, Farsi. This post’s file size is just KB. If You want to save This photo to Your laptop, you may Click here. You might also see more photos by clicking the following photo or read more at this post: Here are a few tips on selecting a correct bed pillows. Look around the room you’re to determine the style of design things correctly. Select a color style that fits your dwelling’s type, whether it is based on the look of inside, the carpet, and a sofa.

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Discover where the high end interior designers from around the world shop for their floor coverings at wholesale prices. This unique historic woven art tells the Whole Story of good and bad, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, the higher aspirations of human kind, the paradox of living and its expectations all knotted into this master work. Div, the Guardian of good against evil , protector of the holiness is being attacked by the mythical dragon and the dragon the most powerful creature of the ancient world is bitten by the mighty lion the king of the animals and the lion in return is being taken out by the most unsuspecting rabbit in a reversal of perceived power roles.

The Div acts as the predecessor to the ideological tree of life as his feet on dirt represent birth from the ground and raising up with all the experiences around, the love birds symbolize marriage and love, the branches and leaves and flowers are our life experiences and the fruits are our children. At the height of the tree and contradictory to the definition of height it is presenting the end of our lives the top of the arch , but here, there is not an ending , but an opening to the more beautiful estate filled with different and colorful flowers representing beauty and wealth in the after life.

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