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Thats what i kinda figured Lornce. I’ve been monitoring the older ones on ebay but havnt pulled the trigger yet. How do the older ones compare in weight? Lornce Thats what i kinda figured Lornce. Always a bit heavier but I like them better for balance. Nicer than the tinny new brands that look like a hub cap. Yes the hardy’s do look tinny. No wonder they are having a tuff time in the market place. Wasn’t talking about Hardy’s but other brands with “bling” but no subsance greylynx ,

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I love men and have met some wonderfully helpful and skilled ones on the water. I first saw my now husband on the banks of a river in Alaska and there on the Alexander Creek we both caught more than we bargained for. Traditionally only one in 10 anglers was female.

Hardy products that are available for online purchase include fly rods, reels, accessories and clothing. The company joins more than 20 fishing brands on Shopatron, a network with sporting goods brands who work with more than 5, sporting goods retailers to fulfill orders placed online.

The bottom 2 sections are whole cane and the middle is spliced and the top is greenheart, brass fittings stamped clearly, this rod has been totally refurbished and looks superb and comes with a bag [ Rods ] [ Reels ] [ Miscellaneous ] [ Home ] [ Top of Page ] House of Hardy – Surestrike Thames Style Bottom Rod 12ft Hardy Brothers Cane Rod, the “Surestrike” Thames style rod. The bottom two sections are whole cane with a split cane top joint, this is a classic river match rod by Hardy bros,12 feet long.

The rod number is G The rod has been rewhipped and is now a stunning looking rod, with a little bit of damage to the cork, where the reel foot has worn a small area. Comes with original Hardy bag with pocket for the ferrule plug which possibly explains why the rod retains said plug. It has seven stand off rings with the top eye agate lined there are a couple of light rust marks on the rings, the whips are red and green and in very good order.

The butt is stamped with the Royal Crest by appointment and the Prince of Wales plume of feathers by appointment also the Hardy trade mark with the rod number H Comes in its Hardy cloth bag which is in good condition except the Hardy logo has more or less perished it still has both of its rod tags one on care of your rod and on the other is pattern 6lb Hardy Wanless length 7ft number H handle cork reel fittings adjustable rings joints suction rings F.

The condition is excellent and when set up is straight and true. Comes with a polished wood stopper and Hardy partitioned bag.

Price guide for Hardy ‘Swing Tip’ two piece fishing rod,

Brown was holding a wooden paddle! It looked just like one for playing ping-pong, but it was a little larger and didn’t have any rubber sides on it. Brown raised it up and then she smacked Bobby on the ass with it!

Beginning in the early ’s, Shakespeare Company introduced a fly reel that evoked the design of the venerable Hardy St. George. With a much lower price point than its English inspiration, the Russell boasted a robust stamped and riveted frame construction, a dual-spring click-pawl check system, and a large spool arbor.

The purpose of the web site is to share knowledge and increase awareness of the importance of Aberdeen and the surrounding area to the history of fishing. Here again I have tried to include photos of vintage flies – but I have to thank others esp Bob Frandsen for supplying me with photos of their interpretations of the patterns. Links and More , all web sites seem to have a links page, here I only list links that I use on a regular basis and would be happy to recommend – no advertising!

This page also contains some interesting William Brown design drawings from the early s P. Includes catalogue illustrations and an appriciation of Malloch. About me – well that’s about me and some old fishing huts! If you spot a fly with no illustration and want to contribute feel free! If you know of further flies from Aberdeenshire that I have missed let me know. Do you know other rare salmon patterns you think should be on Not Aberdeen Flies drop me an email.

Do you know more about the tackle makers again let me know. The Crosfield book I was asked to compile by the publisher, it pulls together all the writtings by and about Crosfield, some never published before, it also has illustrations and some pattern details of the flies Crosfield tied himself, I’m more of an editor and complier in this book. I will be there only on the Saturday and will be attempting to sign them all. Also being launched at the same time is a major new book by Martin Lanigan-O’Keeffe, it is a catalogue of Salmon Flies from the pattern books of Farlows of London, with brilliant photographs and histories of original flies from the s – s, it will be a must for collectors of salmon flies, fly dressers and inevitably dealers in old fishing tackle, see here.

Classic Angler Products: Hairwing Flies for Salmon and Steelhead

The design was the brainchild of Forster Hardy, who came up with the idea of a reel with a detachable spool which ran on ball bearings, and was fitted with an adjustable drag. The concept took a while to evolve and early patents show the reel with the bearings fitted around the outside of the frame, which made it a nightmare to take apart, given that every ball had to be taken out individually through a small trap before the reel could be fully disassembled.

Fortunately, by , Forster had settled on the much more efficient idea of placing the race centrally around the spindle and although he continually improved the design, the only major change he made after that was to move away from the frameless construction used for the initial batch of reels — and for the next hundred years, only limited alterations were made to his original design. The disadvantage of mounting the spool this way – which was made long before the idea of quick release levers came into fashion — is that it makes it tricky to make left hand wind versions, which have to be made with a reverse-threaded screw.

So the majority of Perfects ever made were built for a right hand wind, which was fine, because before the fifties, that was how the majority of anglers fished left hand wind reels were available in at extra cost.

Beginning in the early ’s, Shakespeare Company introduced a fly reel that evoked the design of the venerable Hardy St. George. With a much lower price point than its English inspiration, the Russell boasted a robust stamped and riveted frame construction, a dual-spring click-pawl check system, and a large spool arbor.

Wheatley Silmalloy Fly Box with Leaf — 6 x 3. As always we will try and combine postage wherever possible — refunding any excess on receipt of your order. Black Japanned Dry Fly box 6 x 3. What sets this box apart is its condition — the outside is good see photos with very little japanning missing and inside its stunning: Some ink to compartment lids from previous owners relating to contents. Some minor wear to japanning — see photos. With 5 thumb spring sections, each internally partitioned to create 3 compartments.

With leather strap to secure to waistcoat and applicator brush to underside of turned wooden stopper. As always we will try and combine items wherever possible and refund any excess postage on […] Wheatley 6 x 3. Contains a small quantity c. As always we will try and combine postage wherever possible — refunding any excess on […] Mallochs 6 x 3. No dints or dings at all, the only slight marring feature is the former owners name painted to the outside in silver paint.

The black japanned exterior to this box is in great condition — sadly the cream interior is not so good see photos as sometimes happens with these tins. Internally it has a cast holder cork and dampener this has been replaced at some stage with a more modern sponge type as well as 12 compartments with celluloid lids for flies.

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Actual weight of rod is 4. The reel seat hardware is gold plated nickel silver cap and ring with ebony wood insert. The cane is lightly flamed. The gold plated snake guides are wrapped and finished as transparent in order to show the guide feet, ferrule serrations, and cane. Gold plated stripping guide. All splices of this rod are from the same culm of bamboo.

hardy rods – year of manufacture If you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire a vintage rod manufactured by the House of Hardy, the following chart may help you date it. The serial number adjacent to the date represents the number assigned to the first rod made in that year.

It concentrates in particular on the history of fishing and fishing tackle, and seeks to provide interesting, informative, and important materials for anyone who wants to help preserve our nation’s and the world’s fishing. Wednesday, April 20, 52 Trade Houses Part 3: The Kerr Sport Shop of Beverly Hills Over the course of the next year, we’ll be detailing the history of 52 companies that sold branded fishing tackle.

If you have any items from the week’s entry you’d like to share with us, please send it my way and I’ll make sure it makes it on the blog. For a discussion of what exactly trade tackle is, Click Here. Enjoy the 52 for 52! But who did they buy their fishing tackle from? A fixture among the Hollywood elite anglers and hunters for decades, it was truly the Tackle Shop to the Stars. Founded by transplanted Chicagoan Alexander H.

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Best Reviews fishing rod and reel Fishing Type: This new model features a wide spool for better capacity ,Beautiful classic fly reels, the latest revision in over a century of the Perfect. Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel ,Beautiful classic fly reels – the latest revision in a reel dating back to Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the ‘Perfect’ reel design ,Find best value and selection for your Hardy Perfect 3 1 8 LHW fly reel w 2nd spool like new search on eBay.

A beautiful Paul Young Perfectionist 2-piece 2-tip, built for a #5 line and weighing ounces. Serial #, likely dating from just after Paul Young. This rod is more than mint! In fact, I may have been the first person to put this rod together outside of the Young .

The reels included the change to a spool arbor, which could be weighted. That was patent number 2, , , granted Oct. The models were as follows: The main one was the adjustable drag under Patent number 2, , The dual click patent was awarded patent number 2, , The was dropped. The reel foot is now tapered rather than having straight sides. This was supposed to fit any Medalists except for the , which was a click drag. Shakespeare Tackle Company acquired Pflueger and manufactured the reels in Akron, Ohio, from

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Unless stated otherwise, all fixed spool reels are left hand wind and in good usable condition. UK delivery charges will be added when you click the “Buy Now” button. Reels are listed in alphabetical order by make and model. I often have more items waiting to be listed, so if you can’t find what you want on this website, or would like some help choosing, please ‘phone me Click an image to enlarge Some scratches to paintwork but a smooth silent runner in perfect working order.

See the full line of Fin-Nor saltwater fishing rods and reels, featuring innovative, durable gear for any species or technique. Legendary tackle since

Mitchell History We hope you enjoyed the reading of the Mitchell prehistory and that you are curious to know what happened in the more recent past. This was followed by a lot a larger reel developed for sea angling. The name “Salt Water” chosen for this heavy-duty model was rather obvious. The Salt Water model was originally designed with a half bail arm, similar to its smaller brother, the View of Cluses in Things changed a lot in when the Hardy-patent for the full bail arm expired.

The “Mitchell” and “Mitchell Salt Water” was fitted with a full bail and an optional manual pick up system. The family was steadily growing: It was also in that the

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This is where our readers tell their stories. The first was for whom should this article be written? For the amateur fly fisherman, who may only understand a little of the fine art of fly fishing, or for the professional who may well be experienced enough to be extremely discerning about the selection of his tackle.

We have decided to aim the article at the amateur and hope that you experts do not take offense, indeed you may pick some useful information up too. The second problem was from which point of view we should consider the problem, from the position of a manufacturer of fly-fishing reels, or from the point of view of direct consumer, i. Fortunately, this problem was not so great as we are both anyway!

The 14/0 Commander Ross reel was only made for a few years to compete with reels like the Hardy Zane Grey as well as reels made by Kovalovsky, J.A. Coxe and Fin-Nor to name a few. The Commander Ross reels were the reel of choice for such notable anglers as Michael Lerner and S. Kip Farrington.

Vintage Rods and Tackle From time to time we will offer vintage and used fly fishing tackle. Please check back often for new additions. We are always interested in purchasing or taking consignments of used cane rods, but visitors please take note: Because the value of any fishing collectible is largely based on condition, and because researching values is so time consuming, we can not offer free, sight-unseen tackle appraisals.

If you’d like us to appraise your tackle for a fee, please contact us for more information and we’d be happy to assist you. If you’ve arrived here via a search engine because you’ve found an old piece of tackle and hope to learn its value, we are very sorry but we are unable to help you without seeing the tackle and charging a fee. All items are covered by our 3-day return policy.

The customer can inspect or lawn cast any item for up to 3 days after receipt. If you receive an item and wish to return it, you will receive a full refund for the item provided it’s returned promptly in the condition it was sent. All returned items must be insured for the purchase price and packed appropriately. Please contact us before returning any item.

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The sport of angling has long offered collectable accessories – vintage reels, fine split cane rods and beautifully tied flies immediately spring to mind. Quality goods appreciate, remain collectable, and your grandchildren may one day be pleasantly surprised. A business established in the 19th century which has supplied Kings and scholars, Maharajas and dilettantes, Presidents and trout bums with some of the worlds finest fishing kit.

This Bakelite box was an improvement on their previous Japanned Tin fly boxes, which were prone to rusting and the japanning flaked off.

Nov 08,  · Since , Ohio Game Fishing is proud to be the oldest and largest online outdoors community in Ohio. As our membership continues to grow we look forward to reading your reports and learning from your experiences as an OGF member.

By John Merwin posted Jun 25th, at The photo shows a shelf in my basement with various reels, long out of service, that I can’t bring myself to throw away. And throwing away is the problem. I can’t do it. So stuff accumulates beyond all reason. This gets pretty silly as I think of it, but that silliness still won’t take me to the dumpster. Someday I might want or need something from that shelf. Or I might decide to refurbish one of those old reels.

A little cleaning, some grease, maybe a few spare parts and any one of them would be fishable again. I still have my first fly rod and reel, both dating to , and probably every bit of tackle acquired since then. Once in a while I give some stuff away, to the Boy Scouts, maybe, or to a local charity auction of some sort.

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