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Nothing seemed to make a real impact and I just about gave up, until my boyfriend (now fiance) proposed.Pasta is high GI and I guess you already know how that works.

This is even more possible with higher-calorie veggies like potatoes, and if people add butter, oil or margarine to their veggies.Otherwise if you just say nothing, they can charge you extra if you cancel after only one month.I just want all of the tips I can get so that I avoid the chips, popcorn, etc.Nutrasystem just figures for people who eat enormous portions and never exercise.It is also better to exercise little and often rather than sitting around all day and then having an hour in the gym.They are there to help you, even with the seemingly silly things.

So Michelle, and anyone else only looking to lose a few pounds.Granted some of the meals are not wonderful, but its also possible you got a bad meal in there and you should have contacted NS direct straight away if it tasted bad, rather than wait and then complain about it in my blog where nothing constructive will come of it.Nutrisystem does just that for its customers and has been doing it for almost four decades.We are both very similar in build and height, only two years apart in age, my sister is younger, and neither of us smoke or drink much.It works for most people and I think its worth trying even for a month if your already leaning toward trying it.So I have been existing on ready meals from the supermarket, Chinese take out, pizza and the like.

I just completed my second month on Nutrisystem for men and hit my target of being 20 pounds lighter.I never had to make up stories for the kids as to why I was eating different stuff to them.Thats just telling your body to store fats and metabolize food at a slower rate.For example, with breakfast I would have a lowfat yogurt, with lunch I would have a handful of baby carrots, and with dinner I would have a large salad with lots of greens, pepper for flavor, and a light dressing or just some red wine vinegar.So am being a bit skeptical about the taste of the food although by now my palette is fairly non-Indianized.

You just come across like one of those perennial complainers who finds fault with most things.It used to make me laugh so much and I had to tell them that mommy was having special food for girls to make her pretty.I look good and feel great and have my confidence back and a new man who appreciates me too.Take it from me, you are right about the good and the bad on this diet.However, in your case I would not recommend NS — more for the fact that you should not be eating any processed foods at all with your condition as the additives that are so often found in these will also irritate your colon.But I stuck to the diet and lost the weight and you can do it too, especially if your family support you through it.

I guess it would take a research scientists to really check this out.If its raining, I grab a skipping rope and skip indoors for around 10 minutes then run up and down the stairs a dozen times or so.I read your Nutrisystem review and I enjoyed reading it as it is a good article.So I kept at it and was really surprised I lost 4lbd the second week.

First up, in the first month I lost 18 pounds so I signed up for another two months and lost 35 pounds in all, which made me very happy.My sister has two dogs that she takes for long walks every day, while I sit around in front of the TV.

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Adding veggies to the meals makes them more filling and exercising burns off the excess calories to make the weight drop on a more permanent basis.Being pretty overweight and over 60, I decided to try Nutrisystem silver plan starting in May.

Also the eating out booklet (they provide you) is awesome and very helpful.I do not eat a lot but I have read my skipping meals sometimes may be a part of the problem as well.

I have over 100 pounds to loose and started NS out of desperation.No review would be any good if it only told you all about the great things a system provided while ignoring any disadvantages or negatives, so this review gives it to you straight.All plans come with 30% fresh frozen meals apart from Select, which is 100% fresh frozen.Thank you for your candid review and a similar thanks to all of your contributors who have made this one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen.I have been reading some of the comments and wanted to comment on them.Hey Angie, I saw your comment and wanted to put your mind at rest.Have lost 47 pounds thus far and plan to try it another month or two.My co workers at my daytime job even noticed I lost weight and I look different.