Elgato Thunderbolt 3 docking station looks great next to your MacBook Pro [video]

However, when it comes to value for money, the MacBook Pro is less appealing than ever. On review here is the base-model inch model from late Apple has since updated the Pro with newer processors, but the fundamentals are the same: And the inch model? This is the most beautiful laptop on the market today and sets a new standard for other manufacturers. The unibody design, machined from a single piece of aluminium, is as attractive as ever. To the delight of my colleagues Apple sent in the new, Space Grey option for review, but my personal preference is still for the classic, lighter-coloured design. However, greater choice is always a good thing. The MacBook Pro is incredibly light at just 1. The Dell XPS 13 takes that honour, with its equivalent, non-touchscreen model weighing in at only 1.

The best USB

So what’s out there to help you make the most of this all-purpose, high-spec connection standard? Quite a lot, as it happens. Here we’ll run down some of the best accessories currently on the market, covering the main types of add-on you’re going to need, from port extenders to external disk drives.

MacBook Pro inch GHz GB Space Grey The new MacBook Pro is razor-thin, feather-light and now even faster and more powerful than before. It has the brightest, most colourful Mac notebook display. And it features up to 10 hours of battery life.*.

Best Laptops for Engineers and Engineering Students: The high-end laptop market for engineering may be shrinking, as more work gets moved to the cloud, but there are still plenty of good options. Just like with gamers, engineers pose one of the toughest design challenges for laptop makers. The result is something of a trade-off between performance and convenience.

The only constant seems to be price. The new model is about 25 percent lighter, faster, has more battery life, and comes with a wide array of GPU and display options. New this year are full support for touch, UHD displays, and Windows For those who want more portability and can give up the massive display, the ZBook 15 now weighs in at only 5. To cut down further on weight, you can give up some GPU performance and extensibility with either the 4.

Interestingly, Razer suggests the machine is beefy enough to handle VR applications, although probably not the most demanding ones. Nothing very exciting as far as ports, with USB 3.

Surface Book vs. Retina MacBook Pro

The inch model is available with up to a 2TB SSD — enough space to take even your biggest projects with you, without having to take an external drive. And its memory is both high speed and power efficient. It all works together to help you boot up, launch multiple apps, or import huge files in a flash.

Back up your files with Cloud Storage from Team Knowhow. Every cloud has a silver lining If you are concerned about losing those precious memories, important data files and all your favourite music through theft, loss or general breakages then look no further than Cloud Storage from Team s:

USB 3 gives you the versatility to hook up dozens of different types of external devices. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports let you connect to multiple networks. And an HDMI 1. But the thought we put into expandability extends beyond the types of peripherals you can use. So you can easily see the ports you need when you need them. Access your network over three-stream For all your other wireless connections, Mac Pro includes Bluetooth 4. Because it is unlike any other computer. By rethinking the architecture of its internal components, we had the chance to rethink the entire enclosure.

And since everything centers around a unified thermal core, we were free to design a much leaner, lighter, quieter, and far more streamlined structure. Its unique design and beautiful finishes are executed to an extraordinary degree of precision. And at just 9.

Can you hook up a double monitor to a macbook pro if so, how

Is the Air powerful enough? How is the response? Is there any flicker? See the video of the test for yourself.

Designed to replace the MacBook Air, the space gray ” MacBook Pro from Apple is faster and more powerful than the previous generation, yet thinner at ” and lighter at just 3 lb.

The quality is much better than many who haven’t actually listened to it would have you believe. Apple actually installs quite good audio output circuits in the MacBook Pros. When you can afford it, get a decent interface with true balanced line-level outputs. Until then, first confirm by checking the manufacturer’s specifications that your active powered monitors have enough sensitivity to work at “prosumer” dBV signal level.

It’s, by far the least expensive, and most reliable way to connect your monitors to your MacBook Pro short of connecting an external digital interface via USB or Firewire. If you are playing your audio with the MacBook alone with no other peripherals connected, even if the MacBook is being powered by the Apple power adapter, you should not have any ground-loop issues.

However, if you have other AC-line-powered hardware connected to the MacBook Pro like a printer or scanner or external video monitor , then you should be sure to plug the AC-powered computer peripherals into the very same wall outlet as the active monitors use an outlet strip. Or you should disconnect the AC-powered devices before using the audio output if possible to avoid ground loops.

Hope you enjoy your new monitors. Even very inexpensive studio monitors will be a “night and day” improvement over the MacBook Pro’s tinny little internal speakers. Thanks for the help! Ironically my MacBook is early ughhh, I know , so I don’t know how that would interfere in the scheme of things. I’m not running any AC-powered devices out of my computer though, so that’s good.


If you are in this category, the answer is a simple yes. Setting up your MacBook pro monitor as a monitor for your Xbox can be done in the few steps listed below. Purchase Elgato EyeTV Hybrid Inasmuch as it is possible to use your MacBook Pro screen as a monitor for your gaming console, you need an external support to make this work. It also allows you to watch unencrypted cable TV.

The bandwidth of one bus can be completely saturated without affecting the bandwidth of the other busses. Apple conveys this reality to users in the above-mentioned Knowledge Base article by limiting the number of displays per Thunderbolt bus to two, as the bandwidth required by more than two displays may exceed the allotment provided to that bus, not to mention the requirements of any other devices connected to the Thunderbolt chain.

But the same limitations that affect displays also affect high performance Thunderbolt peripherals such as RAID arrays, hubs, and PCIe expansion chassis. While most common Mac Pro setups will work just fine with a random connection of ports and devices, users should take note of the following recommendations to make sure that their expensive peripherals operate at maximum speed.

Dedicate a Single Bus to Your Most Important Thunderbolt Device While virtually no current devices can saturate the theoretical maximum bandwidth allocated to each bus, if you have a limited number of devices, try giving your most important device its own bus to avoid any potential bandwidth conflicts. For example, if the above-mentioned SSD RAID array is the key storage device for your Mac Pro workstation, you might plug it into Thunderbolt Port 1 and all of your other displays and devices into every remaining port except for port 3, which is on the same Thunderbolt bus as port 1.

Group Low-Performing Devices on the Same Bus Similar to above, you can help reserve a Thunderbolt bus for your high performance devices by grouping and daisy-chaining your less important and lower performing devices into a single bus. Consider grouping and chaining memory card readers, single-drive HDD-based enclosures, and low-resolution displays together on one of the three busses.

But not everything needs to be connected via Thunderbolt, and many devices include connectivity for both Thunderbolt and USB. The Buffalo MiniStation , for example, includes support for both technologies and, as a single hard drive-based device, would work great on either Thunderbolt or USB. The Mac Pro is a marvel of engineering, but its drastically redesigned chassis means that many pro users, especially those upgrading from the old Mac Pro tower, will have a bevy of external accessories with which to deal.

External Graphics Card for MacBook Pro

How to Connect Three Monitors to Macbook Pro Using multiple monitors at work can increase efficiency and make doing a lot of tasks a lot easier. Many people like their single screen, but if you are looking to increase monitor space, you can add more screens. A lot of people have graduated to using as many as three monitors. Learning how to connect three monitors to Macbook Pro can be a little more complicated, but not impossible.

This is a simple way to achieve your goal if your computer can handle it.

There was also a bit of updated hardware, including new versions of the MacBook Pro laptops. Since I didn’t do a review of last year’s model, this was a great opportunity for me to get to know the Touch Bar, which is a small LED touchscreen that takes the place of the top row of keys on the laptop’s keyboard. A big part of being able to make the MacBook Pro thinner it’s a 10th of an inch thinner than the previous model has to do with the ports.

Or perhaps I should say it’s the lack of ports that should get the credit. It was not a change that was universally loved. I do this every day without even thinking about it, but after unboxing the MacBook Pro, I had to stop, because none of my peripherals use USB-C connectors, so I was out of luck unless I made a trip to the store for some dongles. Apple has pushed MacBook Pro users into becoming collectors of dongles, which are small adapters that convert those USB-C connectors to more traditional ports.

Or you can go buy a Thunderbolt dock, but make sure it’s compatible with the MacBook Pro models – not all are just yet. The ports two on each side can be used to connect any peripheral, such as Ethernet, monitors, and USB devices such as external hard drives. They’re even used for power. The nice thing is that you can plug in any peripheral or the power cord into any of the four ports.

A lot of reviewers were vocal about hating the new-style keys, but I was able to type comfortably at my usual speed, which isn’t exactly lightning fast.

How to hook up XLR Cables to a MacBook Pro

Nasim Mansurov Comments One of the most frequently asked questions from our readers and friends is related to picking a good monitor for photography needs. It seems like the market is over-saturated with all kinds of choices, whether you visit a local store or browse through an online catalog. There are so many monitors for different budgets, and some models might leave you wondering why they are so expensive compared to others. Since there is no simple answer to this question, I decided to write a detailed article with my personal recommendations.

Currently, there are three main types of monitors that are being offered by manufacturers:

View gallery – 25 images The Microsoft Surface Book is more of a laptop than a 2-in-1, but it does stay true to its Surface name by letting you rip its screen off to use it as a gigantic tablet. Let’s see how it compares to a percent purebred laptop, the inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Size With its boxier 3: Weight If you get one of the higher-end Surface Books with discrete GPU tucked away inside its keyboard , weights are about even.

The lower-end Surface Books, with integrated graphics, are 4 percent lighter. Build Like every other Surface, the Surface Book has a magnesium construction. Colors No color options for either device; it’s silver all around. Detachable tablet Microsoft is downplaying the Surface Book as a tablet by calling it “clipboard mode,” but you can remove the Surface Book’s screen to use as a humongous slate. Force Touch trackpad The MacBook’s touchpad, though, uses Apple’s Force Touch tech , so clicking is no easier at the bottom than it is at the top.

Display size The Surface Book’s display is, based on area, about 6 percent bigger. Display resolution The Surface Book’s pixel density is 18 percent sharper, but we’ve never once thought the Retina MacBook Pro’s screen was remotely lacking in crispness.

MacBook owners rejoice: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter soon

Culture How to connect your laptop to a TV Do you enjoy watching TV shows, streaming videos, and movies on your laptop? Why not output that video to a big-screen TV, then? It’s easier than you think, and there’s even a wireless solution. Connect your laptop to your TV 3: Unfortunately, you’re locked in to a screen that often has limited viewing angles and a resolution that’s often less than p. There’s good news, though:

Mick Symons 23 Oct The MacBook and MacBook Pro have excellent displays on their own, but if you need a second or bigger display, there’s none better than the LG 27UD88 , which is reasonably priced and made by one of the best and most innovative display manufacturers in the game. As mentioned, the best part of this monitor is its ability to power your MacBook while acting as a display, so that you’re not limited by your battery.

Is it a good time to buy this monitor? The USB hub means more ports that you get with your laptop, and its ability to power your MacBook means you can stay productive for longer — really as long as you can handle. If you’re doing any time of graphic design, image editing, video editing, or any other type of production work, a quality monitor is golden. Though golden this one is not, as the back of the UD is totally white, very much leaning into Apple’s aesthetic.

That being said, if your desk is in the middle of a room, you may not dig the bright hardware. That, and you can use your MacBook in “closed clamshell” mode, meaning you can have it just like a desktop, which is great for when the size limitations of your MacBook’s screen hinder progress. Having a 4K monitor, like the LG 27UD88 is just the icing on the cake, allowing you to work with fine detail and with exceptional color. Being able to power a laptop while simultaneously working on another monitor means you never have to worry about battery drain.

LG understands the plight of the current Apple user while sharing Apple’s vision for the future. In its current iteration, LG has been around for over 20 years, and it has refined its craft and innovation over the last 10, creating display technology coveted by and even used by other display makers, like Samsung. LG provides premium quality without the platinum price tag you see in other brands. Its products are just as good, but far more affordable.

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