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Here’s how to make do on the fourth-generation Apple TV. If you relied on the optical audio port to hook up your AV system, here are a few solutions you may want to consider. You’ll lose AirPlay support, yes, but that speaker system will still be ready to play anything from your new Apple TV. Make sure you train your remote to control your speaker system! Your current TV, an optical audio cable. Keep your old Apple TV around free If you own a third-generation Apple TV and the plug space to keep it in your media center , you can use its optical audio port for your surround sound system thanks to a new Audio and Video routing setting on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

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How to display your iPad on an external monitor August 31, Transcript -Maybe you’ve noticed, only a few apps on the iPad will display to an external monitor. Youtube, videos, photos, the Keynote application, and some third party apps as well will go out to an outside monitor based on developer’s whims and Apple’s Wealth, but as Apple notes, as you can understand, there is no mirroring of the iPad primary display. No, I can’t understand that. Why the hell isn’t there?

Every laptop can do it. We can fix this, so anything on your iPad’s screen is mirrored with a simple little jailbreak and a cool little extension called display out.

Below you’ll find the different ways to watch Netflix on your TV using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Cable Connections With pin devices, you can use a compatible composite, component, or HDMI cable connection kit to connect to your TV.. With Lightning devices, you can use a compatible HDMI connection kit to connect to your TV.

It transmits uncompressed digital video and audio over a single, compact cable. The HDMI consortium has banned manufacturers from advertising the release number i. The CEC allows HDMI devices to control each other when necessary and allows the user to operate multiple devices with one remote control. HDMI connections are backwards compatible among the various releases i.

Since the conversion is a pin-to-pin connection, there should be no detectable signal loss when converted. Since video projectors and computer monitors do not typically provide high quality audio, DVI is likely to remain strong in these areas. VGA Cables This is your standard monitor cable. It is typically male-to-male with three rows, 15 pins. A VGA cable is used for computer to monitor, or computer to projector connections.

Under ideal circumstances, the DVI cable creates a ‘digital to digital’ connection between video or data source and display device. There are, however, only limited situations when this ideal circumstance occurs. However, it is considered very user friendly, due in part to its “hot swap” capability. The type A socket see diagram is rectangular in shape, and usually connects to the host or hub, typically a PC.

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How to Download Click the link. The file will download to your computer and then your PDF viewer will open. Click the Save button in the PDF viewer and select the location on your computer where you want to place the file.

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Twitter Advertisement Watch movies on the big screen, at home, with the perfect home cinema set up for any budget. Nothing beats the big screen experience for movies or gaming, but home theater is an expensive hobby to get into. Projector Projectors are the kind of device where you really do get what you pay for. Regardless of your budget, it will be the most expensive purchase in your home theatre system. Most projectors will be either p or p, with a few hundred dollars in price difference.

Read More shows how visible the pixels are at p on a large screen projection. The photograph below shows the image from a lumen projector. Bulbs are rated by the number of hours they should last for; a few thousand, usually, so it should last a year to two years with moderate usage. A quick note on image ratios: This value is fixed — projector model X at a distance of Y metres from the screen will give you an image Z inches across.

In this case, placing the Optoma GT 3m away will result in a massive 5 metre diagonal image. I could probably run a drive-in movie theatre with that!


When additional devices commence transmission, the projected images from each are displayed in split screen. Devices with this setting OFF cannot resize images or take over projection from other devices even if content is playing on the device screen. The CUT IN mode is intended to facilitate quick and easy sharing of content to the projector for small groups of people in meetings or classrooms.

Feb 08,  · Hi, I am new at this. I am trying to hook up my macbook to a white board at my school. The whiteboard has a box that has a wire with a large plug .

How do I connect my laptop to a projector? This cable should have been included with your laptop. Simply connect one end of the VGA adapter to the output port on your laptop this port is next to the headphone connector on the iBooks , then connect the other end to the appropriate connector on the projector or external display. Sometimes you may have to tell your computer to detect the new projector.

You can do this by going into the Apple menu, selecting System Preferences, then Displays. Under Display, click on the Detect Displays button. If you have an iBook laptop, you can only mirror your display. If you have a PowerBook, you have the option of showing a different display on the projector and on your laptop. You can display your Keynote or Powerpoint presentation on the projector, while viewing speaker notes and other controls on the laptop display.

To set up a secondary display on your Powerbook, first choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, and then click Displays. Click on the Arrangement tab and make sure Mirror Displays is not selected If there is no Arrangement tab, then your computer detects only one display. Check the cables to make sure there is a good connection between the computer and the projector. Back to Hardware Keywords:

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How to Hookup an Analog Mixer To a Soundcard or Audio Interface by Tweak So many newbs think you need to connect the main outs to a soundcard and can monitor off the control room outs too. Enjoying that high pitched whine every time you want to record? You are getting it because you hooked up the mixer improperly. Here’s some better ways. First with a cheap mixer which I don’t recommend and second, with a mixer with an alt bus or direct outs required if you are serious!

Browse answered Epson PowerLite 3LCD Projector questions, problems & issues. Get free expert troubleshooting help, support & repair solutions for all Office Equipment and Supply. How do I Setup Epson Printer Connection To Mac In A Wireless Mode? Help hookup for all in one Epson workhorse? Assuming you mean “workforce”, you’ll need.

Resources Wireless Setup Use of personal wireless routers, hotspots or devices that behave like a wireless routers are not permitted to be used by anyone within all residence halls. The “roomgear” wireless network allows students to connect most types of home devices to the network smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. You can only register a total 3 wired or wireless devices.

Your computer, tablet or cell phone do not count towards this maximum because they are always connected to the “psu” wireless network instead. The “roomgear” network is only available inside the residence halls. Macintosh computer users must close the window that automatically opens when connecting to “psuwirelesssetup” Open the Safari browser Type wireless. You will need to download a config file or software depending on the device to complete the setup process. Android devices will follow specific step-by-step instructions to complete setup.

If your device didn’t automatically change your wireless connection to “psu”, connect to “PSU” then open your browser and test your connection. Devices not able to connect to the “psu” wireless network should be able to connect to roomgear wireless network except for devices that require a “discovery protocol” in order to discover your device.

Wireless printers, chromecast, special lighting gear that requires your phone to control cannot be discovered on the wireless network so they will not work. Any device connected to the roomgear network will only work in the residence hall areas. These are devices that do not leave your room or the hall areas. Examples of these devices include:

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HDMI cables may have simplified things in terms of combining audio and video into a single connection, but knowing which HDMI cable to choose for home theater depends a lot on your understanding of the distance to be traveled and the formats being transmitted. Add to that confusing packaging and mislabeled products that make bold marketing claims, and the confusion compounds quite quickly. One thing that does clear up the confusion is that there are really only five HDMI cable types.

So what do you do? And we give answers. Or at least we try.

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In the original version of DE pinout, one pin was keyed by plugging the female connector hole; this prevented non-VGA 15 pin cables from being plugged into a VGA socket. The VGA interface is not engineered to be hotpluggable so that the user cannot connect or disconnect the output device while the host is running , although in practice this can be done and usually does not cause damage to the hardware or other problems. However, nothing in the design ensures that the ground pins form the first make or the last break in the connection, so hotplugging may introduce surges in signal lines that may or may not be adequately protected against damage.

Also, depending on the hardware and software, monitor detection is sometimes unreliable when hotplugging a VGA connection. The video connector is an “E” size D-sub connector, with 15 pins in three rows, which is the high-density connector version DE15HD. There are no standards defining the quality required for each resolution but higher-quality cables typically contain coaxial wiring and insulation that make them thicker. Shorter VGA cables are less likely to introduce significant signal degradation.

A good-quality cable should not suffer from signal crosstalk, whereby signals in one wire induce unwanted currents in adjacent wires, or ghosting. Ghosting occurs when impedance mismatches cause signals to be reflected. However, ghosting with long cables may be caused by equipment with incorrect signal termination or by passive cable splitters rather than the cables themselves. Within a pin connector, the red, green, and blue signals pins 1, 2, 3 cannot be shielded from each other, so crosstalk is possible within the pin interconnect.

BNC prevents crosstalk by maintaining full coaxial shielding through the circular connectors, but the connectors are very large and bulky. The requirement to press and turn the plug shell to disconnect requires access space around each connector to allow grasping of each BNC plug shell.

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