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The swords and sword mountings in the list adhere to the current definition, and have been designated national treasures according to the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties that came into effect on June 9, The items are selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology based on their “especially high historical or artistic value”. The objects are housed in Buddhist temples , Shinto shrines , museums or held privately. The Tokyo National Museum houses the largest number of these national treasures, with 20 of the Worn slung from the waist, they were likely used as stabbing and slashing weapons. In fact, one of the Imperial Regalia of Japan is a sword, and swords have been discovered in ancient tumuli or handed down as treasures of Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples. The development of a ridge shinogi along the blade was essential for construction.

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Both airlines together carried a total of 3, , passengers last month, increasing their numbers by 3. Despite a disparity in increased capacity and load factor, there is a constannt and steady positive incline across the board. Ronald Lam, director commercial and cargo of Cathay Pacific said: The backend performance was also robust, which was partially driven by a growing demand for premium economy class travel.

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I met megumi online, i mean on this site for the first time. Well at first we became friend and we exchanged messages for around 2 months and i finally decided to go visit her in yamagata.

Plot[ edit ] Abandoned by his mother at an early age, Yuichi Shimizu Satoshi Tsumabuki is a young man who lives with and takes care of his grandparents in a decaying fishing village near Nagasaki. He works as a blue-collar day-labourer and leads a lonely life: Looking for companionship through online dating sites, Yuichi meets Yoshino Ishibashi Hikari Mitsushima a young insurance saleswoman from Fukuoka. But it is clear that Yoshino has no respect for Yuichi.

It becomes apparent that Yoshino keenly feels her own lack of social status as the daughter of a barber , and has her real sights set on a spoiled rich university student by the name of Keigo Masuo Masaki Okada , whom she met in a bar and subsequently pesters with emails. During a fateful evening when Yoshino has just met Yuichi for one of their regular trysts and also to collect money from him , she by chance runs into Masuo, and unceremoniously dumps Yuichi who has driven hours from Nagasaki to see her with hardly a word spoken.

But, in his turn, Masuo has no respect for Yoshino, whom he feels is beneath him. He agrees to take her for a drive and presumably something more , but is increasingly disgusted by her, insults her, and ends up violently throwing her out of his car on an isolated mountain road, leaving her stranded in the middle of the night.

The humiliated Yuichi, however, has secretly followed the couple in his own car, and attempts to come to the aid of the abandoned Yoshino. But—far from being grateful—Yoshino scorns and abuses Yuichi in much the same way that Masuo has just scorned and abused her. The abuse turns into ugly threats, a tussle ensues, and in a fit of rage Yuichi stangles Yoshino and then flees. Since Yoshino had openly bragged to her friends beforehand that she was to meet the rich playboy Masuo that evening and not her shameful working-class sex partner Yuichi , Masuo becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

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Because these events offer a cultural experience that cannot be had through sightseeing alone, I recommend that all visitors consider including one of them in their itineraries. Fukuokans celebrate by visiting Kushida Shrine and throwing soy beans at dancing actors wearing devil masks as part of a Shinto cleansing ritual to drive away evil spirits. A large, white-painted Japanese female face is installed over the shrine gate entrance, and visitors enter through its mouth.

Be warned, however, that this is a very crowded event, especially in the central event area the individual breweries tend to be more enjoyable. Southern Kurume Jojima area. Free shuttle buses provide transport between the different event sites, although some sites are within walking distance of the station and each other. The shuttle buses tend to be very crowded, so taxis are a faster and less tiring option if you are with a group.

The central event area is a bit overrated and overcrowded, so I recommend visiting individual breweries instead. Not only do plum blossoms bring a brightness to the world that is absent throughout the dreary winter, they also provide a preview of sorts for the stunning spectacle of cherry blossoms to come later in the spring.

Although cherry trees begin to blossom early in March, the best time for viewing full bloom generally starts in late March or early April and last for about a week — everything depends on the weather that year. Access information for each location can be found here. Although they tend to be overpriced from the perspective of most Europeans and North Americans, they do offer a good chance to enjoy cold beer and good eats along with cool breezes and sometimes even great views provided by rooftop dining areas.

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Website, Android App Japan Cupid is one of the most popular dating sites for white men to meet Japanese women. After spending considerable time on researching the topic, we find several reasons why you may want to join the site, if you are a white man looking for a Japanese woman. The site attracts lots of Japanese women. According to the website, JapanCupid is the “leading Japanese dating site with , members. Even better, the Japanese women on the site are interested in dating white men.

Because JapanCupid’s main target market is dating between white men and Japanese women, a Japanese woman won’t join JapanCupid if she only wants to date a Japanese man.

Dating back to , the festival was known as Torimon and was a celebration of the Chinese New Year. At the beginning of the Meiji period (Japan’s opening up to the world after the isolation of the Edo period) the festival was banned due to its perceived extravagance.

Map of Fukuoka Fukuoka is the biggest city in the southern island of Kyushu. Located on the northern coast of Kyushu, Fukuoka is a port city split by the Nakagawa River between what was once the the castle town of Fukuoka to the west and the merchant quarter of Hakata to the east, Fukuoka is one of Japan’s most dynamic and livable cities with many attractions for visitors.

Ohori Koen Park Only a few relics of Fukuoka Castle still remain but the former castle grounds now form Maizuru Park, which merges west into Ohori-koen – Fukuoka’s largest park, enclosing a lake, with a Japanese garden at its southern end, and the Fukuoka Art Museum currently closed for renovation, due to reopen in March Coffee shops and other facilities makes Ohori Park a pleasant place to relax in natural and historical surroundings. Just south-east of the park is the imposing Fukuoka Kengokoku Shrine.

The whole Momochi area is reclaimed from the sea, and another 5 minutes’ walk north from Momochi Central Park brings you to the futuristic, glass-clad, meter high Fukuoka Tower open 9: Fukuoka Tower is directly accessible from Hakata Station by taking a Nishitetsu bus no. Momochi Seaside Park is a 2km artificial beach right in front of Fukuoka Tower, with an adjoining quay – ‘Marizon’ – packed with shops, restaurants and cafes.

A short walk to the east is Hawks Town – a modern development built by the Daiei group and housing the Japan’s biggest hotel – the exotic five-star Sea Hawk. Nishijin and Tojinmachi are the nearest subway stations to the area.

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Yuichi and Mitsuyo had exchanged emails once before, after meeting through the same online dating site. Mitsuyo also lives a lonely and mundane life, working at a men’s clothing store and living with her younger sister. Looking for companionship, Mitsuyo decided to re-contact Yuichi several months after their initial correspondence.

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Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information.

According to Wikipedia, Anime in English usually refers to a style of animation originating in Japan, heavily influenced by the manga Japanese comics style and typically featuring characters with large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs, exaggerated facial expressions, brush-stroked outlines, limited motion and other distinctive features.

Anime lovers, out there It has 13 branches located throughout Japan i. The items is divided according to its category: Regular karaoke performances are put on by staff in manga costumes. It is nice to see that the staff of Mandarake will wear manga costumes complete with all the accessories and weird hair colour. No wonder millions of Japanese are manga-obsessed – it’s that much fun!. The average manga costs just yen, but rare vintage numbers can cost millions.

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Early history[ edit ] Before its establishment, the area occupied by Sapporo known as the Ishikari Plain was home to a number of indigenous Ainu settlements. As a result, it was determined that a new capital on the Ishikari Plain should be established. The plain itself provided an unusually large expanse of flat, well drained land which is relatively uncommon in the otherwise mountainous geography of Hokkaido. During — , Kuroda Kiyotaka , vice-chairman of the Hokkaido Development Commission Kaitaku-shi , approached the American government for assistance in developing the land.

Grant , became an oyatoi gaikokujin and was appointed as a special advisor to the commission.

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Fukuoka shaping up to be Japan’s startup capital 18 Nov at Fukuoka is making a name for itself as Japan’s startup capital, attracting entrepreneurs from far and wide in a bid to boost its economy. The city has significantly lowered corporate tax rates for startups and implemented sweeping regulatory reforms, making it easier to launch a business as part of mayor Soichiro Takashima’s drive to grow Fukuoka into a hub of innovative technology and services. The moves became possible after the city was chosen in as a national strategic special zone, a sort of test site for measures that could eventually be expanded across the country.

Takashima, a year-old former TV anchorman, has said he hopes to turn Fukuoka into Japan’s version of Seattle, the US city that is home to giants such as Amazon. Aside from the tax cuts and regulatory reforms, one of the ways the city is encouraging entrepreneurs is through the Startup Cafe, a facility that provides a place to plan and receive advice.

Nestled in a former elementary school dating back to the s in the trendy Daimyo area, the Startup Cafe houses a number of advisers who speak English, Chinese and other foreign languages for general inquiries, with regular visits by lawyers, accountants and financial advisers for more specialised advice. There have been more than 7, visits by would-be entrepreneurs, ranging from middle school students to a woman in her 80s who was looking for a way to sell handmade “geta” sandals.

The facility has helped launch at least companies so far.

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